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Asheville CBD Shop

Who We Are

-   ABOUT US  -


At Asheville CBD Shop we believe in simplicity and purity, pure and simple. Our parent company, J Squared Extractions is one of the few CCOF certified organic extraction facilities in the country. We are truly a “soil to oil “company. We take locally sourced organic hemp, extract the full spectrum crude oil and bottle our products under one roof. You never have to worry about whom or where the products you are purchasing came from.


Asheville Standard full spectrum, whole plant extracts provide you with the maximum benefits the extraordinary hemp plant can deliver to the body.

We use only pure food grade alcohol in our extraction process, the same alcohol used in many pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products. Our proprietary filtering then removes unwanted contaminates and any residual alcohol is then evacuated using low heat and gentle vacuum, leaving a clean and pure extract. Our organic extracts are then combined with organic, pure MCT oil. No additives, or preservatives.


All our natural CBD extracts are third party tested to insure potency, purity and compliance with the 2019 Farm Bill and North Carolina hemp industry standards.

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