-  What you should know  -

Lots of explanations out there!
The explanation of CBD can be mind blogging. We could explain the science but that would just confuse you more.
My questions are..
How can it help me?
What is the dosage I need?
What is in it?
Let's answer these questions above.

Q: How can it help me?

A: CBD does many things but let's start with what it has been known to help with. 
     Personally I have Ulcerative Colitis. I almost died from it about 5 years ago. I lost 55 pounds in 2 weeks and spent 2 and half weeks in the hospital. Their solution was 15 pills a day until that stopped working then Cancer medicine and then take out my large intestines and have a colostomy bag. I am 38 there was no way I could be content with that.
      I had a friend jokingly tell me to eat the plant since stress was a precursor to a flare up. I found what little research was out there and tried it. It worked! As CBD has been tuned in to a concentrate over the last 5 years I am overwhelmingly happy to say I haven't had to take one pill in 3 years and have not had one symptom of a flare up. The pain and suffering this disease caused and the hopelessness in my doctors solutions drove me to start this business. My hope is that CBD can give you the same relief.  

Q: What is the dosage I need?

A: We provide dosages of 300mg 600mg 1200mg and in special cases 1800mg.
-Let's start with 300mg. Healthy people that are active and have minor aches and pains, headaches and sleeping problems should take .25 to .5ml twice daily. 
-600mg is for medium to severe pain for the mentioned above. I would recommend a .5ml dosage twice daily. 
-1200mg is for Chronic and even life threatening illnesses. This is the dosage I take to manage my Ulcerative Colitis.
-1800mg is for severe Chronic illness and serve life threatening illnesses. I put my grandfather on this with stage 4 pancreatic cancer for his pain and mood. It worked better than any medicine they gave him for comfort and pain before he passed.   
Q: What is in it?

We believe in a full spectrum product that adheres to state and federal guidelines and the 2019 Farm bill because it delivers every benefit of the plant. To make it even more simple we only add pure, cold pressed hemp seed oil and no artificial flavorings. We can only put the "Premium" label on our products because it has what is considered an excellent extraction of above 60% CBD. Each of our batches will have a COA that you can find the results of each batches extraction.  Asheville Standard has only two components. CBD oil and cold pressed Hemp seed oil to experience  the full nutritional value of the whole plant.